3" Caney Creek Glider
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3" Caney Creek Glider

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The Caney Creek Glider is a spin on an old bait, the Sting Ray grub.  We've enhanced the body making it more resemble a bait fish and, added a jointed tail that can be used in multiple ways.  When poured in regular the tail has quite a bit of action, when poured in hard it glides more like the original bait.

Here is feedback from one of the testers we sent an  8 pack to:

"I received the grubs Friday, and gave them a good workout this am (Sat) and they really did well on the smallmouth. I landed over 25 fish on them in a couple hours. I switced back and forth between the CC grub and a Sting Ray and the CC grub did a lot better. I think the primary reason was that it is thinner (better baitfish profile) and they really liked that bigger tail...maybe a little too much....the tail was bit off on all the baits you sent!

The bigger tail (vs. a SR) gives it a pretty good glide...which is good for the smallmouth. At first I thought it was too big...but I think I'd vote to leave it alone....or just slightly smaller.

The same kind of thing on the body. At first I thought it was too thin....but after using it...and comparing it against some of the baitfish swimming around...I think it's perfect."

The only real negative feedback was the tails were ultimately pulled off all 8 baits by the 25 fish that were landed.  We considered beefing up the tail, but a 4:1 fish / bait ratio is pretty good by most accounts.  We will conduct a similar test in the future using a medium hard blend and measure the productivity and durability again.

(4 cavity mold)

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