3.75" DD Gill
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3.75" DD Gill

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Model #: Injection

The 3.75" DD Gill (Dying Dinner Gill) is 1" wide at it's widest, .4" thick and has a textured splittable paper thin tail.  They eyes are recessed to allow them to be glued or dipped.  The small fins flutter on the fall and retrieve.

This is a perfect bait to throw into cover (reaction bite), let it fall (does it get bit as it flutters to the bottom???), hop it back to you - pausing - to pick up the lunker that has been following it. 

This is a very versatile and lifelike imitation of a dying bait fish.  Fish it on a swim bait hook, jig or Texas rigged.

We recommend using 8 mm eyes on this bait.

Single Cavity

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