3.75" Zipper Drop Shot Worm (4 Cavity)
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3.75" Zipper Drop Shot Worm (4 Cavity)

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Model #: Injection

The 3.75" Zipper Drop Shot Worm "Probie" has a paddle tail and stinger.  Including the length of the stinger this worm measures just under 4".  The diameter of the worm is 1/4" at it's widest.  Overall the worm has a triangular shape so it will always have a flat bottom and angled sides providing great action with little to no rod movement.

This is the ultimate in true finesse fishing!

Pouring tip:  The "Probie" should be poured in a medium or regular plastic.  Because of the core diameter and ribs it will still out-perform a softer worm of similar size and be more durable doing so.

4 Cavity Mold
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