4" Carrot Lami Plate - 8 Cavity
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4" Carrot Lami Plate - 8 Cavity

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Model #: Injection Plate

Please read below to make sure you select the correct option.

I inadvertently made 2 different carrot configurations.  This is irrelevant to the baits, until you put a laminate plate on the mold.  Please open your mold like a book, spru up, and see if your alignment pin is at the top of the mold (same as the spru) or on the bottom of the mold face, opposite side of the spru.  If you can select which side (top or bottom - relative to the spru), this will ensure you get the correct laminate plate.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Please don't hesitate to call - I know this is confusing.

Laminate plates are used to help make laminates with your existing mold.  They simply clamp to one side of your mold (2 clamps) allowing you to inject half a bait.  You then remove the plate and runner and inject the other side of your bait.

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