4" Croaker Belly Mold
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4" Croaker Belly Mold

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Model #: Open Pour

This is a 6 cavity belly mold for the 4" Caney Creek Croaker.

To achieve optimum results pour the belly in the Croaker Mold and then inject the Croaker. 

Alternatively, to help speed up production you can use the belly mold to make your Croaker bellies and then place them in the Croaker mold and inject them.  The less time you wait between pouring the bellies and injecting the Croakers the better.

The following can cause your belly to lift in the mold and not stay put while injecting:
- Waiting to long between making the belly and injecting the croaker (shrinkage can occur)
- Not getting the belly firmly set in the mold
- Gremlins

Always wear protective clothing / gloves while working with hot plastic.

Six Cavity Mold
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