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iCraw 3.5
Wutz-It Forktail - 5
Lee Pro Melter 4-20, 20 lb Elec Bottom Pour
Lee Production Pot IV
3D Stick-on Lure Eyes
Mustad 91768BLN Fishing Hooks<br>Black Nickel (50)
High Heat Hex Glitter .040

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The Swing Jig

The Swing Jig

This heavy hitter has all the advantages of a football jig with the added action provided by the swinging hook that imparts more movement to the trailer while taking the leverage away from a hooked fish.

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UPF 50 gaitor

UPF 50 Neck Gaiter Mask

The Do-It Neck Gaiter Mask is the perfect way to stay cool and protected from UV rays while on the water. Protection from the sun and wind, hot or cold, we have you covered.

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The Do-it Softbaits

If you're having trouble finding the perfect softbait, never fret, make your own. Simple to get started with unlimited possibilities. The Do-it Softbaits offer uncompromised quality, lower cost, and custom colors. What more could You ask for?

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