Baby Berry - 3.5"
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Baby Berry - 3.5"

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Model #: Injection

The Berry Bug will be one of the most versatile baits you own.  With a bug body, hog flappers, and twin c-tails, you can use it as a jig trailer, chatter bait trailer, scrounger trailer, pitch it, flip it, swim it, c-rig it, t-rig it, just about anything you can think of with it.

The tails are super active on the fall or retrieve and agitate independent of one another.  The flappers displace a lot of water.  Even the body has a unique "V" texture that works against the water while retrieving it. 

If you rig it on its side it has the perfect profile of a small bait fish.  Your imagination is the only limitation you will have with this bait.
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