Bucky Bug 3.75"
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Bucky Bug 3.75"

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Model #: Single or Double Cavity Injection

The Bucky Bug has a beaver or bug shaped body, claws and long tentacles. We've worked really hard to get the action on this bait perfect. As you can tell by looking at it, it really has a lot going for it.

I have tested this bait extensively and it is awesome. I'm not going to give any additional detail about the results - because you'll think I'm telling you fish stories. I'll just say this, I'm hooked on it in a BIG way. It will definitely produce both quantity and quality.

Bill made a great video showing the claw action of the Birch / Bucky Bug: http://youtu.be/EF-WatQcJ5s

Available in 1 or 2 cavities.

The color in the pictures is Blue Crawfish. I've added some green, blue and medium black flake to it. If you haven't tried this color you may want to...
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