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Does Do-it Molds sell lead?

Do-It Corporation has started selling lead do to increased demand of our customers who want a good source for high quality lead.

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Bottom Bouncers: making and using one of the most productive fishing techniques

The sun was at high noon and we had a 1-2 foot chop on Hamlin Lake. The rod tips were bouncing in unison with the waves when one tip stayed down. Quickly my son grabbed the rod and set the hook.
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Tackle Crafting: An enjoyable pastime

Forty years ago, I was a wide-eyed youngster who sat fascinated in the basement of our family home and watched my dad and his closest friend and fishing buddy, Ed Barta, make fishing tackle during the dreary Iowa winters...
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In-Line Sinkers: Achieving depth control

By and large, anglers are a practical bunch.

We wouldn't use a bent nail if a bait hook were available. We wouldn't choose a skanky, dead crawler over a plump, writhing one. Nor would we opt for a rowboat if somebody handed us the keys to a motorboat.
It only makes sense that more anglers are
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