Crappie Carrot - 2.5in <br> (12 Cavity)
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Crappie Carrot - 2.5in
(12 Cavity)

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Model #: Injection

The Crappie Carrot was a collaborative effort with Professional Crappie Fisherman Ted Ellsworth.  Specifically designed to target tournament quality Crappie, the Crappie Carrot's size and movement entices fish as close to live bait as I've seen.

While it's specifically designed to catch tournament quality Crappie, it does a great job on Bass as well.  During testing we used it on a small jig head, Texas rigged with a split shot and drop shot and caught Black Bass, Sand Bass and White Bass as well.

Bottom line, it looks like a minnow and has great minnow like action.  The Carrot should produce all types of fish that forage on small bait fish.  Consider the Carrot as a go to bait if you just want to catch fish.

Please note, this mold has been updated to facilitate 12 baits/cavities and reduce the runner.  The baits are identical, there are just 4 additional cavities.

12 Cavity Mold
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