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Does Do-it Molds sell lead?

Do-It Corporation has started selling lead do to increased demand of our customers who want a good source for high quality lead.

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Does Do-it Molds create custom molds?

We get questions similar to the following on occasion:

For many years I have been using a particular jig that is very popular here on local lakes but I am no longer able to find them. I’ve looked through your catalog and have not found anything similar. If I were to send you a jig could I have a mold made that will cast these jigs?

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Does a bottom pour furnace work with larger Egg-Slip Sinker and No-roll Sinkers (6 and 8 oz)?

While bottom pour furnaces excel when pouring smaller jigs and sinkers their flow rate is limited and insufficient to fill cavities larger than 1-1/2 or 2 ounces. The limited flow rate many times results in wrinkled or incomplete castings. Those larger cavities are better poured with a ladle from a dip out style melter. This allows for a more rapid pour rate that fills the cavity before the lead begins to cool.
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Can you tell me the diameters of your 3d eyes?

3D Stick-on Fishing Lure Eye sizes are as follows:

2 = 1/8"
2.5 = 5/32"
4 = 1/4"
5 = 9/32"
6 = 3/8"

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Can you make me a custom mold?

We're sorry, but we do not do custom work. We do offer Blank Molds for custom design. Your local machine shop could possible mill one to your specifications.
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