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Winter Crappies in the Midwest

Author: Tom Sawvell 
 There are two kinds of crappies, and not meaning white and black. Forget the white variety as they're closer to trash fish than being a good fish. I'm talking black crappies being one of two

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Match The Hatch

Author: Drake Leek
Date: 7/1/2021

How many times have you been out fishing with a buddy at your favorite lake, river, or pond and absolutely whipped their butt because of a specific bait? Something about it the fish just cannot resist. For that day, in those conditions, it is the hot bait. If there's one solitary thing among anglers, it's the desire to have that bait. When it comes to what makes that bait special there are many things to take into consideration. One characteristic that pops into any angler's mind right away is….. COLOR! Do-It Molds and CS Coatings have this scenario in mind when it comes to their diverse lineup of Powder Paints.
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Turn Up the Volume on Your Buzzbait!

Turn Up the Volume on Your Buzzbait!

Author: Matt Luna
Date: 6/17/2021

I think every fisherman loves to see the fish explode through the water’s surface when fishing a topwater bait. One of my favorite topwater baits is a buzzbait.  Besides a topwater frog, a buzzbait is probably one of the most weedless topwater baits there is.  It’s great to fish over the top of grass, around wood cover, and in open water.  One of the key elements to taking your buzzbait to the next level is increasing the noise your buzzbait puts off.  
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Fall Back For Spring Crappies Or Spring Ahead For Fall Crappies

Author: Tom Sawvell - aka Crappie Tom
Date: 5/23/2021

Every late-winter, very early spring, anglers set themselves to task getting tackle ready and putting new lines on their reels all in anticipation of catching those wonderful spring crappies. Many will wait until the spawn is approaching as the fish then are so easy to catch, but the reality of this, in many waters, is that the biggest and best crappies of the season are taken well in advance of the spawning period.

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Kutter Worm a Versatile 6" Addition to Your Fishing Arsenal

Author: Brennan Chapman

Speed worm, Fast Worm, Burner Worm, Swimming Worm, Paddle Worm and now, the Kutter Worm.

Combining the best characteristics of some of the commonly found worms in its category, the 6” Kutter Worm mold in its new ES XL format, allows you to customize four worms and their tails individually, per single top injection. 

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Crafting for the Cold

Author: Drake Leek

When the relentless winters of the north take away the ability to fish open water, any optimistic angler can quickly pick up the short stick and transition into ice fishing. After all, it's one of the great traditions of those who inhabit the freezing states. Do-It Molds has these anglers in mind with their productive lineup of ice fishing soft plastics. Their soft bait's uniqueness is their strength and they can almost guarantee that the fish haven’t seen anything like them.
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The Hot Spot

Author: Tom Sawvell - aka Crappie Tom
Date: Apr 1, 2020

Crappie from authors hot spot

The Hot Spot. Every water has one, or some. Everybody has one, or some. They seem to appear as if magic, yet they are not magic: they're an evolution.

I have a Hot Spot on what I call a lake but which is actually a meandering 4 mile long reservoir that has a mix of waters all wrapped up in one. It has steep shorelines... 
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Dragging the Bottom with the Boss Hog

Article by: Matt Luna
Posted: Dec 11, 2019

Boss Hog Bait

Once the water gets cold and that fall feed dies down, we have to change the way catch fish!  Many times in the fall we are able to catch fish on reaction baits, swimbaits, and other shad imitations.  Once the water cools down even more the shad bite slows down, and so do the fish.  This is when we need to change things up, and slow down as well.  One of my favorite ways to fish in this cold time of the year is with crawfish imitations like the Boss Hog.

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Cold Water Combos

Article by: Brennan Chapman
Posted: Dec 3, 2019

Cold Water Walleye

If you’re reading this from the Midwest or even further north, you’re probably scratching your head thinking, “its ice fishing season, right?” Well, perhaps. For some of us brave souls, there are some open water fishing opportunities ahead and for many further south, plenty of great days of cold water fishing yet to be had. However, you are now fishing harder for fewer bites, and that is something that you have to settle with before you grab your keys and walk out that door. Your scaly friend’s metabolisms are slowing down quickly and if that hasn’t been reflected yet in your amount of daily hooksets, rest assured that it will. It is time to downsize your presentation, slow it down, and put your patience to the test. For us tackle crafters, we can now hone in on the details that now matter the most, by tweaking, altering, and creating specific baits, baits that you just can’t find in stores, which will have us back to setting hooks in no time. 
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Custom Blending Powder Paints

by Kyle Steinfeldt

One of the great elements of making your own tackle is the ability to make something custom.  Whether it be your favorite crankbait blank airbrushed in a color pattern you’re not able to buy at your local Fleet Farm, a jig with some custom glitter and dipped in a UV Seal Coat or a can’t buy anywhere on the shelf soft plastic dipped in pearlescent powder there is something intriguing about using something no one else has and more importantly something that fish have not seen before. 

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Heavy Jigs for Heavy Current

by Steve Miller

Typically most anglers fishing in strong current will use some sort of a three-way setup. Most of the time the weight will be a bell or pencil sinker.  What I have been using a lot lately are heavy jigs for my dropper.  Why not add a hook and catch more fish, plus by building your own, it’s not a problem to lose a few. 

Do-It has a great variety of heavy jigs in all the popular styles.  A couple of my go-to jigs are the Style H jig and the large teardrop jig. 
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Bass, Pick Your Poison: New Weedless Jig Offers Versatility and Great Hooking

Here in my home state of Wisconsin, it was one of the hottest summers on record. These extended periods of heat effected some fisheries in a negative way and some in a positive way. One of the few fish that reacted favorably was the Bass. For the Bass fisherman, both largemouth and smallmouth, many would agree that it was a banner year. The warmer than normal lake temps statewide had both species about as active as I have ever seen them.
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Some fish never get the respect they deserve.

The stars of the angling show are bass and walleyes. We see them on television, on the covers of outdoor magazines and in our local newspapers. Sometimes, however, fishing isn't about old glamour gills. It's about spending a few hours on the water. It's about feeling a tug on your line. It's about sharing a day full of laughs. Maybe it's about bragging rights and the camaraderie among a group of anglers less concerned with the final results than the common experience. And for the sheer pleasure of fishing, it's hard to beat the homely, hard-fighting sheepshead.

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High Tech Tail-Spins: Simple Modifications Create a Deadly Lure

Jig it deep. Retrieve it slowly along the bottom. Bird dog open water with long casts and stop and go action. Or burn it over shallow weeds. Bass, walleyes, pike, stripers, even trout and salmon they catch nearly everything.

Tail spinners have been around since the 1960's when Tom Mann introduced the now famous Little George sported a simple tear drop shape and is still available today in it's original shape.

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Refined Spinnerbaits: Ultra Minnow-head Gives You the Edge in Hard-Fished Waters

I can't even begin to tell you the entire history of the spinnerbait. I'm guessing that they have been around for fifty years or more. I know that they have been around during my thirty-two year angling career.

Bass, Pike, Musky, and even Walleye will take them throughout the entire season. Down sized versions will even take Crappies and other panfish.

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The Gargoyle: A Common Lure With a Different Look

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. Tackle tinkering. It’s great to be able to make a lure that’s just a little different than what you can buy off the shelves. But at times, like when I’m waking up at night to jot down a lure idea, I think I may border on insane. What the heck, insane is fun!
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Flutter Jigs: A Deadly Deep Water Jigging Technique

If you fish salt water or follow the salt water beat, you have probably heard of Butterfly Jigging. Right now it may be the hottest thing out there to take a variety of species of salt water game fish. Originating in Japan this technique involves a lure that looks very similar to a normal jigging spoon, but it acts very different. The jigs used in this technique are travel in a side to side manner very similar to a walk-the-dog surface bait.

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Jigs and Steelhead: Drifting This Simple Bait is Deadly

The float drifts lazily down the river bobbing through riffles and seams in the current. As quick as a blink of your eye, it’s gone. That split second rush of adrenaline when you realize that a fish has nabbed your offering is very addictive.

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Jigging Spoons: Casting, Jigging, Trolling, They Catch Fish!

Living on the shore of Lake Michigan my entire life, I’ve used spoons to catch trout and salmon almost as long as I’ve used a spoon to eat. It’s a year-round work horse for many species including walleyes, bass, trout, salmon, and even panfish.
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Bottom Bouncers: making and using one of the most productive fishing techniques

The sun was at high noon and we had a 1-2 foot chop on Hamlin Lake. The rod tips were bouncing in unison with the waves when one tip stayed down. Quickly my son grabbed the rod and set the hook.
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In-Line Sinkers: Achieving depth control

By and large, anglers are a practical bunch.

We wouldn't use a bent nail if a bait hook were available. We wouldn't choose a skanky, dead crawler over a plump, writhing one. Nor would we opt for a rowboat if somebody handed us the keys to a motorboat.
It only makes sense that more anglers are
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Brush Jigs: the military grade H1 Hummer of Bass jigs

Thinking outside of the box has been the root of a lot of great innovations and ideas in history. And, a lot of great fishermen and fishing techniques have also excelled from looking beyond the obvious.
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