HD Sinking Additive
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HD Sinking Additive

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High Density Sinking Additive (select qty above).  All sizes ship in 1 pound containers for ease of use.

The HDS Additive is a naturally occurring silicate formulated specifically for use in making soft plastic baits sink.  To achieve a similar sink rate to popular sinking baits add 1 - 2 tablespoons of HDS Additive per 4 oz of plastic.

The benefits of using HDS Additive vs salt:

1) Increases plastic durability without impacting formulas action
2) Specifically formulated for plastic
2) Less discoloration of baits (requires less colorant vs salt)
3) Doesn't degrade bait durability like salt (actually increases durability)
4) Suspends in plastic better than salt
5) Doesn't require softener to maintain formula specific action

Directions for use:
1) Stir or shake before using
2) Add prior to cooking plastic and mix well
3) Stir cooked plastic throughout use to ensure continued suspension
4) Cure baits like normal

Qty: 1, 5 or 10 Pounds

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