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by Steve Miller

Typically most anglers fishing in strong current will use some sort of a three-way setup. Most of the time the weight will be a bell or pencil sinker.  What I have been using a lot lately are heavy jigs for my dropper.  Why not add a hook and catch more fish, plus by building your own, it’s not a problem to lose a few. 
Do-It has a great variety of heavy jigs in all the popular styles.  A couple of my go-to jigs are the Style H jig and the large teardrop jig

You can get the Style H jig all the way up to 4oz. I like this jig for its flat belly and long profile; it’s great for gliding across a rocky bottom. I like the recessed sockets for adding 3-D stick on eyes.  The extra-long 630 and 635 90* O’Shaughnessy hooks are a perfect match for this setup. 

The large teardrop jig also has the benefit of the recessed eye sockets plus a spot for the WB400 keeper. The 32746 Mustad black that is recommended for this mold is incredibly sharp and very durable. I’ll add a paddle-style plastic to this jig, or sometimes just a big minnow. 

A couple little things I’ve figured out over the years with heavy jigs is to not go super bright on the color. The Pro-Tec powder paint in disco lime and disco orange are just right. I like the plastic or big minnow to stand out and get more bites on the business end for better hookups.
Also, when pouring large cavity molds, do some test runs before adding hooks and keepers just to make sure your lead is hot enough to make a nice smooth jig. 

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