Lake Fork Lizard - 4.5"
Lake Fork Lizard - 4.5'

Lake Fork Lizard - 4.5"

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Model #: Dual Cavity Injection

The Lake Fork Lizard was specifically designed to entice Spring and Fall feeding patterns as well as trigger defensive instincts. Toss one in a Largemouth's spawning bed come Spring and try to get it back. Somebody is going to eat it. Until now the 7” version has been the only size Do-It has offered. A very good size but many have requested a shorter version.

So here it is, the 4.5" Lake Fork Lizard. It is simply a scaled down version of its big brother. It has everything the 7" bait has, right down to the "W" shaped belly which encourages a gliding motion and a "C" tail and legs that are sure to draw some attention.
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