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Author: Max Baranczyk
Date: Mar 24, 2020

Production Midwest Finesse Jig Mold - Ned Rig Jig

If I had to pick my favorite mold from Do-It Molds, it would be the Midwest Finesse jig mold. In my opinion this is one of the most versatile jigs ever made. I use it for so many different applications. I pour hundreds of jigs with this mold every year. Now with the release of the production mold, my job easier and much more efficient. When I have a specific size I want (3/32,1/8,1/4), I can make a bunch at a time easily. 

Most of the bodies of water I fish are very clear. Because of this, I tend to use lighter jigs. This gives the bait a slower fall rate and lets the fish see it from a long way out while it is going to the bottom. The weight I use most is 3/32. 

The way I use this jig most is for its intended use. The Midwest Finesse or Ned rig is a fairly new technique that has exploded in popularity in the bass world in the past few years. This is for good reason. While it is the best “numbers” bait I have ever used, it still catches big fish. It is a very simple technique that everyone can catch bass on. The Midwest Finesse or Ned rig consists of a mushroom style jig head rigged with a small plastic, with a 2.5 to 3 inch stick bait being the most common. I use many different types of plastics on my Ned rig from craws to swimbaits. 

Midwest Finesse Black Hair Jig

Living near the Great Lakes, I have had the opportunity to fish some of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world. One of the best ways to fish these clear water smallmouth is with a hair jig. Hair jigs have been used for a super long time, and within the past ten years are making a big rebound in popularity. The hair jig consists of a jig head tied with hair, feathers, or fur.  

While there are many more ways to use the Midwest finesse jig, these are two of my favorites. 

Midwest Finesse Jig Small Mouth Bass
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