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Common Mistakes When Making Laminate Soft Plastics

Author: Matt Luna

Multi colored baits are very popular.  Some have a large contrast in colors, and in others it’s very subtle.  Those of us that make our own soft plastics can create these multi-colored baits, but there is a learning curve to doing this.  In this blog article, I’m going to outline common mistakes that are going to help you tremendously.

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Kutter Worm a Versatile 6" Addition to Your Fishing Arsenal

Author: Brennan Chapman

Speed worm, Fast Worm, Burner Worm, Swimming Worm, Paddle Worm and now, the Kutter Worm.

Combining the best characteristics of some of the commonly found worms in its category, the 6” Kutter Worm mold in its new ES XL format, allows you to customize four worms and their tails individually, per single top injection. 

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Do-It Slick Shiner, A New Swimbait That Catches Everything

Author: Marc Wisniewski

Ok, I will admit it… I’m a swimbait junkie.  Let’s get that out of the way.  I love swimbaits!
So, when I found out that that Do-It Soft baits was going to launch their new extra-large frame cast aluminum molds with a new 8 cavity swimbait, I was pretty jacked.  When I heard it was in that 3.5” catch anything swimbait wheelhouse, I was giddy!

The Slick Shiner can be paired up with a variety of jig heads for those finesse swimbait situations.

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Crafting for the Cold

Author: Drake Leek

When the relentless winters of the north take away the ability to fish open water, any optimistic angler can quickly pick up the short stick and transition into ice fishing. After all, it's one of the great traditions of those who inhabit the freezing states. Do-It Molds has these anglers in mind with their productive lineup of ice fishing soft plastics. Their soft bait's uniqueness is their strength and they can almost guarantee that the fish haven’t seen anything like them.
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Dragging the Bottom with the Boss Hog

Article by: Matt Luna
Posted: Dec 11, 2019

Boss Hog Bait

Once the water gets cold and that fall feed dies down, we have to change the way catch fish!  Many times in the fall we are able to catch fish on reaction baits, swimbaits, and other shad imitations.  Once the water cools down even more the shad bite slows down, and so do the fish.  This is when we need to change things up, and slow down as well.  One of my favorite ways to fish in this cold time of the year is with crawfish imitations like the Boss Hog.

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The Ripper

Article by: Steve Miller

Ripper soft bait make your own

When Do-it first introduced The Ripper I was excited, no excited would be an understatement. At first glance I could see It’s ribbed body, standout belly design and its very unique boot style tail would make the Ripper a game changer!

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Pan Fish Go To - Mayday Mayflies and Bat Jigs

Article by: Brennan Chapman

Mayday Mayfly

There isn’t a freshwater fish that won’t eat an insect. The Mayday Mayfly flat out fools them.  More times than not, the Mayfly is the big fish bait of the day when targeting pan fish. While live bait may get you more bites, these catch quality and when you get a bite, you won’t need a bobber to tell you so.

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6 Inch Finesse Crawler

6 Inch Finesse Crawler

by Steve Miller

Do-it has a wide variety of worm molds and they all have a time and place for every fish. There are times when the fish want a real slow presentation. One of my favorite baits for this set up is the 6 inch finesse crawler in the essential series. This soft plastic mold has five cavities that allow you to make up a bunch quick.

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Dual Injection Molding - the process of injecting two colors at once

Dual Injection Molding - the process of injecting two colors at once

by Brennan Chapman

Dual, twin, laminate colors, whichever you prefer to call it, is the process of injecting two colors at once. This offers bait makers the ability to imitate natural forages that our game species target. It also allows us to make some pretty wild stuff. Depending on the clarity and forage in the body of water I am fishing that day, I could be shooting baits to imitate a shiner, bluegill, crawfish, or something bright that is sure to grab the attention of fish in water with poor visibility. 

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