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Same Weight Different Bait

by Jared Roper

Have you ever been crappie fishing and suddenly the crappie that was on fire yesterday, or as recent as earlier that day, is now barely eating your jig? You feel a thump and a bump, set the hook, and nothing is there. That doesn’t happen just once or even three times but a bunch of times that day. The thought comes to mind to go smaller and lighter, but there are two problems — its 10 MPH winds gusting 13-15 MPH, and you’re fishing 15-feet deep. The 1/8th oz. jig head is the perfect weight, but the big bait is not the ticket.



Normally when I pour 1/8 oz jig heads, I use a 1/0 hook. The issue comes when I want to downsize my bait but keep the same weight of my jig head. That's why I love the Do-It Round Head with Wire Holder Mold. You can go up a size or down a size pertaining to hooks. Because I know that crappie are finicky and can change on a dime, I pour two types of 1/8 oz. Round Head with Wire Holder jig heads. One has a 1/0 hook and the other has a size 1 hook. In the pictures you see the Hot Pink head has a 1/0 hook and the Orange head has a size 1 hook. The Pink jig head fits perfectly with the Do-It Fat Fork 2.75 inch bait, but when I use that same head with Small Single Tail Bait, the plastic doesn’t sit right. The back of the tail of the bait is forced down due to the length of the hook. Once I paired that same Single Tail bait with the Orange Jig Head that has a size 1 hook, it looked perfect.

"I 100% love Do-It Molds because it gives me the ability to create/customize my fishing experience and put more slabs in the boat."
-- Jared Roper


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