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OIL THE HINGES OF THE MOLD BEFORE EACH SESSION TO KEEP THEM WORKING PROPERLY. Put a drop of oil in the spring pins on the hinges. Oil occasionally during use. 20W or 30W motor oil works well.

The proper style and size of hooks are listed on all jig molds. While other similar styles or sizes sometimes can be used, best results will be obtained with the inserts recommended. Lure molds that require wire inserts should be used with wire closest to the maximum wire diameter. Spinner jig molds have some flexibility as to size and style of hook used, however, hooks with small eyes work best. The extra small eye of Eagle Claw’s #253 Special Spinner Jig Hook takes up little space in the mold cavity. Lead can flow around the small hook eye and completely fill out the cavity. Hooks with larger eyes tend to restrict the flow of lead which can result in incomplete castings.

Carelessness when working with molten metal may result in a nasty burn. Be alert! Wear eye protection. A pair of gloves will protect your hands from lead spatters or contact with hot tools. Remember that during use your mold can become very hot. WATER COMING IN CONTACT WITH MOLTEN LEAD WILL CAUSE IT TO POP AND SPATTER VIOLENTLY. Pre-heat any ladles or dippers before immersing in molten lead. Pre-warming will evaporate any condensed moisture. Observe ventilation and lead handling procedures to minimize harmful exposures to lead.

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