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Enjoy the biggest savings in bait making from November 20th to December 1st. SAVE NOW on 3D Eyes, Skirting Materials, Paints, and Molds!

Buy 1 Get 1 3D Eyes
Just put an even number of 3d eyes in your cart and an automatic coupon will be applied that is the equivelant to the cost of 1/2 of the eyes. Buy two pay for one, buy four pay for two, buy six pay for 3, etc.
Link: 3d Eyes

Buy any softbait CNC Mold and get 20% off
When you put any softbait CNC mold into your cart an automatic coupon will be applied to that mold for 20% off.
Link: Softbait CNC Molds

Buy any 5 of the same style Crank Blank, Get 1 of the same FREE
We brought this promo back due to it's popularity. Add 5 of the same Crank Blank items to your cart and another of the same item will be automatically added at no cost.
Link: Crank Blanks

20% Off Bait Blast 6 Packs
Order a Bait Blast 6 pack and save 20%
Link: Bait Blast 6 packs

10% Off Bait Blast Individual Bottles
Save 10% on all Bait Blast individual bottles. Just add them to your cart and the discount will be applied.
Link: Bait Blast

10% Off $100 Gift Card
Get a $100.00 gift card for only $90.00. Just add the card to your cart and an automatic $10 credit will be applied.
Link: $100 Gift Card

Add 6 of a tab to your cart and only pay for 5
An automatic credit will be applied for one of the 6.
Link: Silicone Tabs

Build your own Pro-Tec 6 Pack and get 20% Off 
Pick 6 of your favorite colors of Pro-tec and get 20% off.
Link: Pro-Tec Singles

40% off ALL Slip-It style Skirts
Get the skirts of your choice from our popular Slip-it line at 40% off. Sale price shown on page.
Link: Slip-it Skirts

Buy any lead Mold, Choose 1 Free Pro-Tec
Add a lead mold to your cart along with a Pro-Tec powder paint and get a credit for one bottle of Pro-tec via an automatic coupon.
Link: Lead Molds - Pro-Tec 

Buy any ES XL Mold, Choose 1 Free ES Colorant
Add an ES XL mold and a colorant to your cart and get an automatic credit for the colorant.
Link: ES XL Molds - ES Colorant

Spear Tail Tail - 7" - 8 Cavity On Sale - $15.00
Lowest price ever for this mold, order yours today!
Link: Spear Tail 8 cavity

Glade Grub - On Sale $30.00

Save on this twin tail grub. Now only $30.00! Order one today.

Link: Glade Grub - 4"

The below promotions will provide you with a free tail mold or laminate mold depending on  the mold purchased. Just click on the Mold link and place in your cart and the additional no cost mold will be added also.

Buy a Beetle Bug – 2.25 in and get a FREE Beetle Bug 2.25 in Tail Mold

Buy a CC Glider - 2in (8 Cavity, 95048) and get a FREE CC Glider Tail - 2in (8 Cavity 95025)

Buy a Rad Tad - 2in (10 Cavity 95056) and get a FREE Rad Tad Tail - 2" (10 Cavity 95037)

Buy a Crappie Carrot - 2.25in (10 Cavity 95050) and get a FREE 2.25" Carrot Lami Plate (10 Cavity 95143)

Buy a Crappie Carrot - 2.5in (12 Cavity 95051) and get a FREE 2.5" Carrot Lami Plate (12 Cavity 95145)

Buy a Crappie Carrot - 4in (4 Cavity 95003) and get a FREE 4" Carrot Lami Plate (4 Cavity 95155)

Buy a 4" Split Tail (3 Cavity 95115) and get a FREE 4" Split Tail Lami Plate (3 Cavity 95157)

Buy a 4.25" Flippin' Hog (6 Cavity 95244) and get a FREE 4.25" Flippin' Hog Lami Plate (3 Cavity 95160)

Buy a 4.5" Swim Shad Thin (2 Cavity 95185) and get a 4.5" Swim Shad Thin Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95161)

Buy a Senko 4 inch (4 Cavity 95294) and get a FREE Senko 4 inch Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95295)

Buy a Senko 5 inch (4 Cavity 95258) and get a FREE Senko 5 inch Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95259)

Buy a Senko 6 inch (4 Cavity 95296) and get a FREE Senko 6 inch Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95297)

Buy a 4.5" Finesse Worm (5 Cavity 95215) and get a FREE 4.5" Finesse Worm Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95283)

Buy a 4" Finesse Worm (5 Cavity 95214) and get a FREE 4" Finesse Worm Lami Plate (2 Cavity 95284)

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