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Can you make me a custom mold?

We're sorry, but we do not do custom work. We do offer Blank Molds for custom design. Your local machine shop could possible mill one to your specifications.
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Jigging Spoons: Casting, Jigging, Trolling, They Catch Fish!

Living on the shore of Lake Michigan my entire life, I’ve used spoons to catch trout and salmon almost as long as I’ve used a spoon to eat. It’s a year-round work horse for many species including walleyes, bass, trout, salmon, and even panfish.
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Jigs and Steelhead: Drifting This Simple Bait is Deadly

The float drifts lazily down the river bobbing through riffles and seams in the current. As quick as a blink of your eye, it’s gone. That split second rush of adrenaline when you realize that a fish has nabbed your offering is very addictive.

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Flutter Jigs: A Deadly Deep Water Jigging Technique

If you fish salt water or follow the salt water beat, you have probably heard of Butterfly Jigging. Right now it may be the hottest thing out there to take a variety of species of salt water game fish. Originating in Japan this technique involves a lure that looks very similar to a normal jigging spoon, but it acts very different. The jigs used in this technique are travel in a side to side manner very similar to a walk-the-dog surface bait.

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The Gargoyle: A Common Lure With a Different Look

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. Tackle tinkering. It’s great to be able to make a lure that’s just a little different than what you can buy off the shelves. But at times, like when I’m waking up at night to jot down a lure idea, I think I may border on insane. What the heck, insane is fun!
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Refined Spinnerbaits: Ultra Minnow-head Gives You the Edge in Hard-Fished Waters

I can't even begin to tell you the entire history of the spinnerbait. I'm guessing that they have been around for fifty years or more. I know that they have been around during my thirty-two year angling career.

Bass, Pike, Musky, and even Walleye will take them throughout the entire season. Down sized versions will even take Crappies and other panfish.

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High Tech Tail-Spins: Simple Modifications Create a Deadly Lure

Jig it deep. Retrieve it slowly along the bottom. Bird dog open water with long casts and stop and go action. Or burn it over shallow weeds. Bass, walleyes, pike, stripers, even trout and salmon they catch nearly everything.

Tail spinners have been around since the 1960's when Tom Mann introduced the now famous Little George sported a simple tear drop shape and is still available today in it's original shape.

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Shakey Head Jigs: A Simple but Deadly System

I don't know exactly when the evolution of the jig and worm rig started. Early accounts can be tracked back to Ted Green and Gayle Marcus of the Mar-Lynn lure company in 1956.

The Bass fishing history books also note that the great Bass fisherman and inventor of the reaper tail, Harold Ensley won the World Series of Sport Fishing in 1960 on a jig and worm combo.

In more recent times, serious Bass anglers both casual and professional have kept the success of jig and worms a tight lipped secret.

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The Slip-Jig Mold: The "McGiver" of Tackle Tinkering

In my thirty years of pouring jigs, weights, and lures I have accumulated quite a few molds. Some I use quite often and some I only use from time to time. But there is one mold that I have used probably more than any other I own. I consider it the "McGiver" of tackle making tools. Without it I'd be like Batman without his gadget belt. it's beauty is it's versatility. Let me go through some of my favorite uses and I think you'll see why you shouldn't be without Do-It's SLIP-6-A mold if you love lure making.

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Jigs: Pouring your own

As most savvy anglers know, there are few things in fishing that are as reliable and effective for both numbers and quality of bass, and many other game fish, as a leadhead jig and some form of plastic trailer. And, as many of those same savvy anglers know, Yamamoto plastics lend themselves very effectively to this form of fishing. However, the real problem, in many cases, is not finding effective trailers for the leadheads, but rather finding quality leadheads with sharp, tournament grade hooks, in the style that is most effective for what you are fishing.
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Just Jigs

Picture this: You've been stranded on an island in the middle of a large wilderness lake teeming with gamefish.

There are no swimsuit models to keep you company. It's just you and your spinning rod. However, you get to choose one small box of tackle to take along. What's it gonna be?

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Making your own leadhead lures

Do-It Molds have been an essential part of my fishing enjoyment and success for over 35 years. Yep, for over 3 and a half decades I’ve been using Do-It molds to give me a level of customized fishing tools that simply are not available "off the shelf"�. In this article, I want to share some of my favorite Do-It molds and the applications that I find most effective for my styles of fishing.
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I heard you can bake powder painted jigs in the oven when you are done. What temperature and how long?

Curing the lure will produce an extremely durable, chip resistant finish. Jigs may be "cured' by hanging them in an oven at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Allow a few minutes for your jigs to get up to temperature. Lures with weed guards should be cured at 250 degrees F for 25 minutes. Always open the eye of the hook with a sharp object before curing, or use an eyebuster.
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Bottom Bouncers: making and using one of the most productive fishing techniques

The sun was at high noon and we had a 1-2 foot chop on Hamlin Lake. The rod tips were bouncing in unison with the waves when one tip stayed down. Quickly my son grabbed the rod and set the hook.
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How much thinner do I need to add to CS Coatings Vinyl Jig & Lure Paint?

Vinyl paints will appear thick when cold. THIN WITH CAUTION! First warm paint to room temperature by placing container in a warm water bath. Next, stir paint thoroughly with a wooden stir stick, being careful not to damage can lining. If paint still appears heavy, thin sparingly with appropriate thinner. lf paint is thinned too much it will lose its ability to cover.
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Tackle Crafting: An enjoyable pastime

Forty years ago, I was a wide-eyed youngster who sat fascinated in the basement of our family home and watched my dad and his closest friend and fishing buddy, Ed Barta, make fishing tackle during the dreary Iowa winters...
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Brush Jigs: the military grade H1 Hummer of Bass jigs

Thinking outside of the box has been the root of a lot of great innovations and ideas in history. And, a lot of great fishermen and fishing techniques have also excelled from looking beyond the obvious.
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In-Line Sinkers: Achieving depth control

By and large, anglers are a practical bunch.

We wouldn't use a bent nail if a bait hook were available. We wouldn't choose a skanky, dead crawler over a plump, writhing one. Nor would we opt for a rowboat if somebody handed us the keys to a motorboat.
It only makes sense that more anglers are
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