Dragging the Bottom with the Boss Hog

Article by: Matt Luna
Posted: Dec 11, 2019

Boss Hog Bait

Once the water gets cold and that fall feed dies down, we have to change the way catch fish!  Many times in the fall we are able to catch fish on reaction baits, swimbaits, and other shad imitations.  Once the water cools down even more the shad bite slows down, and so do the fish.  This is when we need to change things up, and slow down as well.  One of my favorite ways to fish in this cold time of the year is with crawfish imitations like the Boss Hog.

Cold Water Combos

Article by: Brennan Chapman
Posted: Dec 3, 2019

Cold Water Walleye

If you’re reading this from the Midwest or even further north, you’re probably scratching your head thinking, “its ice fishing season, right?” Well, perhaps. For some of us brave souls, there are some open water fishing opportunities ahead and for many further south, plenty of great days of cold water fishing yet to be had. However, you are now fishing harder for fewer bites, and that is something that you have to settle with before you grab your keys and walk out that door. Your scaly friend’s metabolisms are slowing down quickly and if that hasn’t been reflected yet in your amount of daily hooksets, rest assured that it will. It is time to downsize your presentation, slow it down, and put your patience to the test. For us tackle crafters, we can now hone in on the details that now matter the most, by tweaking, altering, and creating specific baits, baits that you just can’t find in stores, which will have us back to setting hooks in no time. 

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