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Kutter Worm a Versatile 6" Addition to Your Fishing Arsenal

Author: Brennan Chapman

Speed worm, Fast Worm, Burner Worm, Swimming Worm, Paddle Worm and now, the Kutter Worm.

Combining the best characteristics of some of the commonly found worms in its category, the 6” Kutter Worm mold in its new ES XL format, allows you to customize four worms and their tails individually, per single top injection. 

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Do-It Slick Shiner, A New Swimbait That Catches Everything

Author: Marc Wisniewski

Ok, I will admit it… I’m a swimbait junkie.  Let’s get that out of the way.  I love swimbaits!
So, when I found out that that Do-It Soft baits was going to launch their new extra-large frame cast aluminum molds with a new 8 cavity swimbait, I was pretty jacked.  When I heard it was in that 3.5” catch anything swimbait wheelhouse, I was giddy!

The Slick Shiner can be paired up with a variety of jig heads for those finesse swimbait situations.

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