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Making Your Own Blade Baits

Author: Steve Miller
Date: Apr 27, 2020

Make your own blade baits

Blade baits have been around a long time. I remember my dad giving me my first one when I was still riding my bike down to the river. I used that blade all summer, catching all kinds of fish before eventually losing it to a pike. I had repainted it several times that summer trying to match the shad and minnows swimming in the shallow creek mouths. Since then I’ve always had blade baits in my tackle box. 
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The Hot Spot

Author: Tom Sawvell - aka Crappie Tom
Date: Apr 1, 2020

Crappie from authors hot spot

The Hot Spot. Every water has one, or some. Everybody has one, or some. They seem to appear as if magic, yet they are not magic: they're an evolution.

I have a Hot Spot on what I call a lake but which is actually a meandering 4 mile long reservoir that has a mix of waters all wrapped up in one. It has steep shorelines... 
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