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Turn Up the Volume on Your Buzzbait!
Author: Matt Luna
Date: 6/17/2021

I think every fisherman loves to see the fish explode through the water’s surface when fishing a topwater bait. One of my favorite topwater baits is a buzzbait.  Besides a topwater frog, a buzzbait is probably one of the most weedless topwater baits there is.  It’s great to fish over the top of grass, around wood cover, and in open water.  One of the key elements to taking your buzzbait to the next level is increasing the noise your buzzbait puts off.  

There is a process I take in order to increase the sound my buzzbait makes.  It's a simple process that doesn’t require any additional components.  The only things you need are sandpaper and a pair of pliers.  One option item is a brass bead that can go in front of the buzzbait blade

Step 1 - Sand down the top arm of the buzzbait.  
I use 100 grit sandpaper and it provides an uneven surface for the blade to spin on.

Step 2 - Sand down the buzzbait blade.
I use the 100 grit sandpaper and sand down the outside surfaces of the buzzbait blade where the wire enters and exits the blade.  This provides a more uneven surface for the blade to spin on the rivet, and the optional brass bead.  Sanding down painted or colored blades is much more vital than unpainted blades.  The paint on these blades will dramatically decrease the amount of sound produced by the buzzbait.  

Step 3 - Sand down the blade collar. 
Sanding the flat side of the blade collar where the buzzbait wire enters the collar allows for both the collar and blade to have uneven surfaces.  These uneven surfaces increase the noise production of the completed buzzbait. 

Step 4 - Assemble the buzzbait
The order and position of the buzzbait components is important.  If you are using a brass bead, put the brass bead on first, followed by the blade.  The pointed side of the blade will need to be placed onto the wire first followed by the wire back end.  Next, slide on the blade collar with the flat side facing the blade.  Once all components are on the buzzbait, bend the wire down so none of the components can slide off.  You only want to bend down the final 1cm or so of the wire.  

Step 5 - Crimp the blade collar into place.
Slide the blade collar back until it’s stopped by the bend in the buzzbait wire and hold it in place.  Take a pair of pliers or a crimping tool, and clamp down on the cylindrical portion of the blade collar.  Crimping the blade collar prevents it from spinning and sliding up and down the wire allowing for more sound.  I prefer to crimp the blade collar in two locations.  One near the flat side and one near the back side.  

Your final product should look like this!

If you are not already building your own buzz baits, it is easy to do and very cost effective. You should get started today.

Now, go make some noise!

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