Crystal Clear Plastisol (Phthalate Free)
Crystal Clear Plastisol (Phthalate Free)

Crystal Clear Plastisol (Phthalate Free)

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Please read the below detailed information and watch the video at the bottom of the page.  When comparing prices make sure and include shipping as ours is built into the purchase price.

Do-it Molds Crystal Clear Plastisol is a brand new formula developed specifically for Do-it Molds to our exact specifications - for the way we (you) use plastisol.  We went outside the fishing industry for a fresh perspective on plastisol.  We worked very closely with chemist and engineers to develop a "phthalate free" plastic engineered specifically for the harsh environment of a microwave.  As a result, it not only works great in a microwave, it works great in a pot or on a burner.

Frankly, Do-it Molds Crystal Clear is the clearest, least smoke and smell, easiest to use plastic available.  It is phthalate free, does not make oily baits, it doesn't hard pack, micro bubbles are not an issue, it's honestly the best plastic available.

Besides using the finest raw materials available, at an individual component level Do-it Molds Crystal Clear raw ingredients are very small, thus they have superior suspension properties making hard pack impossible, and shaking a non-issue.  If it sits for a while, you may want to rock it or just turn it over (whatever the equivalent of a few stirs would be to get it to re-suspend). 

Additional benefits of the compound is it heats faster, pours smoother, and suspends glitter and salt better. 

It also cures fast and very dry.  This is a huge benefit if you plan on painting your baits, or like to add heavy colorant and / or scent.  You baits will be ready to bag in less time (the exact time depends on the thickness of the bait and temperature they are curing in). 


To help with bagging them, and to keep your baits bright and shiny, we recommend putting a few drops of worm oil, or your favorite scent, in the bag or on the baits prior to placing the baits in the bag.  Bagging your baits and adding a few drops of worm oil or scent will also help maintain the watery shine and clarity of the baits.


Do-it Molds Crystal Clear ships in a bag and box with a faucet built in to the container  (similar to wine in a box).  The benefits are many:

1) Cost: It significantly helped reduce cost in several areas (packaging, shipping and storage space).  This is how we are able to offer such a high quality plastic at the price we are.  The plastic cost quite a bit more than others (it really does use a grade of raw ingredients that I don't believe is being used in the fishing industry today), however we are making it up in shipping and packaging.

2) Usability: The packaging has a faucet dispenser built into it that allows plastic to be poured as easily as getting a glass of water from your kitchen sink.  You just turn the faucet, and out comes the plastic.

3) Contaminates: The bag is sealed, only plastic comes out.  No humidity or moisture can enter as it is a single direction, positive flow dispenser.

4) The environment: When you finish off a box you just break it down and recycle it.  No more jugs all over the place.  The environmental footprint of a jug vs a box is monumental.


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