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Article by: Matt Luna
Posted: Dec 11, 2019

Boss Hog Bait

Once the water gets cold and that fall feed dies down, we have to change the way catch fish!  Many times in the fall we are able to catch fish on reaction baits, swimbaits, and other shad imitations.  Once the water cools down even more the shad bite slows down, and so do the fish.  This is when we need to change things up, and slow down as well.  One of my favorite ways to fish in this cold time of the year is with crawfish imitations like the Boss Hog.

The Boss Hog is an incredibly versatile bait and can be fished many ways.  A few examples of different techniques you can use with the Boss Hog are Football Swing Jigs, Texas Rigs, and Carolina Rigs.  Don’t limit yourself to only those three.  Feel free to experiment, and find other ways to take advantage of a great bait!  

As mentioned in the last tackle blog article, there are times when you may need to downsize the presentation.  These are times when the 4.5” Boss Hog could potentially out fish the larger 5.25” Boss Hog.  That extra ¾” may be more than the fish are wanting to eat.  Having both sizes is great, and lends you the ability to try the different sizes, but if I could only have one, I would go with the smaller 4.5” version.  It will catch fish of all sizes!

Cold Water Bass

Another great crawfish imitation is a skirted jig paired with a soft plastic craw trailer.  A couple of my favorite football jigs are the Weedless Football Jig #3434 or the Weedless Football Jig with Holder #3501.  A skirted jig with a craw trailer produces a bulky profile.  The skirt and soft plastic trailer impart a lot of action and movement.  Sometimes this amount of bulk and action may be too much, and the slender profile of a Boss Hog on a Football Swing Jig is the perfect blend of crawfish imitation, movement, and smaller profile. 

One of my favorite ways to fish the Boss Hog is on a Carolina Rig.  I can fish it shallow and deep very easily, and without changing weights.  It allows me the ability to fish a little faster than I can with other slow techniques like a drop shot or Texas Rig.  It also allows me to find the deeper rock and other offshore structure much more easily.

I know many parts of the country already have snow on the ground and ice has taken over the lake, and if this is the case for you, don’t forget about the Boss Hog when you’re back out on the water right after that ice begins to melt.  If you’re fortunate to fish year round like I am, now is a great time to throw crawfish imitations around.  Some of the biggest bites of the year can come during the winter, so be ready for a fish of a lifetime!

Cold Water Fishing

If I can leave you with one thing from this blog, it would be this: when the fall shad feed ends, and the fish are feeding on crawfish, make sure to have some Boss Hogs on board.  Fish it on the technique of your choice and be ready to catch some fish.  You just might catch the fish of a lifetime!

For more information on making your own Boss Hogs, check out my YouTube video titled: Making Soft Plastic Baits with the Do It Molds Boss Hog Mold and Remelts.

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