ES XL 3" Katana Kraw - 5 cavity
ES XL 3' Katana Kraw - 5 cavity

ES XL 3" Katana Kraw - 5 cavity

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No more forfeiting action in your finesse fishing. FINALLY! The most life-like crawfish action you will find. With ZERO detail spared, the Katana Kraw brings you a finesse craw presentation but don't be fooled, this bait is full of action! It's ribbing on it's claws traps air bubbles, encouraging a life-like stand-up presentation. Drag it, crack it, hop it, it doesn't matter, this bait will slowly rise to it's stand-up position triggering a Bass's instinct at the purest level! The Katana Kraw's finesse ribbon tails provide it with a subtle secondary action on even the slowest drag or twitch of the rod. Finally, it's two leg appendages on the side of it's body twitch as it makes bottom contact, giving this bait tertiary action. Watch every single detail of this bait work in sync to give you RESULTS! This mold allows you to pour five single top injection Katana Kraws, giving you full reign of customibility!

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