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Welcome to the How We Do-it Lead Pouring Category! In this series of videos you will learn everything you need to know about pouring your own jigs, sinkers, and lures! If you have ever had any questions about processes of pouring lead, we guarantee it is mentioned in these videos!

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Lead Pouring A-Z

In this How We Do-it Video, Isaac Lakich takes you through all the steps in pouring a Midwest Finesse Jig.

Getting Started Pouring Lead

If you've ever thought to yourself "What do I need to get started pouring my own jigs" - This is the video for you!

Pouring Lead Safety

This video will be crucial if you are just getting started making your own baits or sinkers. Safety is the number one priority.

Preparing Your Mold for Pouring Lead

Isaac Lakich takes you through the steps to preparing to pour your favorite mold to ensure you get a perfect pour right off the rip!

Everything You need to Start Pouring Lead

In this How We Do-it Video, Isaac Lakich talks through everything you'll need to get started pouring your own lead jigs and sinkers!

Which Pouring Method is Best for You?

Isaac Lakich breaks down what type of pouring method will work best for your application.

Hook Options

In this How We Do-it Video, Isaac Lakich explains the variety of hook options we carry, and how to find the right one for your mold and situation.

How to Solve Incomplete Pours

Isaac Lakich shows you how to solve the problem of incomplete pours! This is a common issue that lots of people have just starting out, this video will help you learn everything you can do to help stop the wasted pours!

Cleaning Your Lead Melter

In this How We Do-it Video, Benjamin Nowak gives some insight on the best way to clean your lead melter! If you have ever had issues with a melter - or the cleanliness of your lead, this is the video for you!!

What Kind of Lead Should You Use?

Benjamin Nowak explains what kind of lead you should be using for your pours for different applications. The best answer is always clean lead if you are ever struggling to get complete pours. Fortunately we have just the thing for you!

Finding the Right Hook for Your Mold

Benjamin Nowak explains the process of finding the right hook for your mold - in your application. It is a special feeling when you get a hook you have confidence in, its even better when you can customize the jig the hook is in!

Make Your Own Spinnerbaits

Isaac Lakich demonstrates how to make your own spinnerbaits. He also mentions a couple tips and tricks throughout the process to make your spinnerbaits special!

Molds With Fiberguards

Isaac Lakich demonstrates how to properly make a jig with a fiberguard! There are a couple ways to achieve the proper results, so we recommend which ever one floats your boat!

Blade Bait Molds

Isaac Lakich shows exactly how he makes his favorite Walleye lure - the Blade Bait! There are also a few tips and tricks thrown in along the way to improve your level of pours!

Pull Pin Sinker Molds

Isaac Lakich breaks demonstrates how to use molds that require a pull pin to create the cavity for your line to run through! Along with a few helpful tips and tricks to get the pin to pull free with ease every time!

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