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Article by: Steve Miller

When Do-it first introduced The Ripper I was excited, no excited would be an understatement. At first glance I could see It’s ribbed body, standout belly design and its very unique boot style tail would make the Ripper and game changer!

When you first hold a Ripper you will notice all the additional subtle differences that make this bait special. Let’s start with the ribbed body, each rib is very pronounced with good spacing to displace plenty of water when retrieving fast or slow. From there you will see a tail design second to none. The flat thin almost round tail is flat and the body thins out perfectly to let the tail dance while still being durable. My favorite part of the Ripper personally is the fat little belly. With simple color changes to the Ripper can duplicate a fat head minnow, shad, or even a goby.

A slow retrieve with the Ripper gives it the perfect side to side wobble and just enough tail action to match. On a fast retrieve the tail just goes nuts, and the bait forms a tighter action a floating stick bait.

Lately I’ve been running it like a glide bait by rigging it up on a heavier jig head like 5/8oz swimbait head. I like to make long casts over structure then snap it off the bottom and the fish just crush it.

Solid colors are really all this bait needs thanks to the tail actions. Once in a while I like to change up my Rippers look by changing the just the tail color. I simply shoot the full mold with the color I want the tail to be then snip off the tail. Once I have a cut tail piece I place it back into the mold and now reshoot the mold with the new body color. Putting the cut tail back into the mold can be tricky so try greasing it with a little stabilizer or oil first.

Ripper bait in mold

The Ripper comes in 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch in the CNC molds and 3 inch or 3.5 inch in the Essential Series molds.

Ripper Walleye

For me the Ripper is a must, with it in my arsenal I have the best swimbait mold available plus my color combinations are unique and endless.

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