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No Roll Sinker<br>(With Wire Eyes)
ES Midwest Finesse
Crappie Fluke Tail Mold - 8 cavities
Midwest Finesse Rig - 8 Cavity
ES Ripper 3.5
Custom Made Premium Short Sleeve Crew

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The Swing Jig

The Swing Jig

This heavy hitter has all the advantages of a football jig with the added action provided by the swinging hook that imparts more movement to the trailer while taking the leverage away from a hooked fish.

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Milancelos A Lanos

3 Styles of Splines

The new Spike 15 & Squiggle 6 Strand Splines work great with Do-It's existing line of tube molds and inserts enabling you to give your favorite tubes new life. Choose the Standard 18 Strand, the Spike 15 Straight or the Squiggle 6 Strand Spline.

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Comos De Milano

The Do-it Softbaits

If you're having trouble finding the perfect softbait, never fret, make your own. Simple to get started with unlimited possibilities. The Do-it Softbaits offer uncompromised quality, lower cost, and custom colors. What more could You ask for?

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