Delta Buzz Blade
Delta Buzz Blade

Delta Buzz Blade

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D40E - 1/8 oz
D14C - 1/4 oz (+$0.50)
D3812A - 3/8 & 1/2 oz (+$1.00)

These broad aluminum blades are designed for Buzz Spin type lures. They bring the fishing lure to the surface quickly with a maximum of commotion. Included with each delta blade is a pop rivet collar that holds the blade in place as well as imparting a "squeaking" noise from the turning blade. This noise is reputed to attract bass and game fish. Blade D14C is for 1/4 oz. lures and Blade D3812A can be used with heavier lures. The smaller D40E Delta Blade is for 1/8 oz. lures and should be used on a spinner wire no larger than .041. Packaged per 25 with collars.

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