Lake Fork Lizard - 7" - Ring Tail
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Lake Fork Lizard - 7" - Ring Tail

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Model #: Single Cavity Injection

The Lake Fork Lizard is specifically designed to entice Spring and Fall feeding patterns, as well as trigger defensive instincts.  It has a curved "W" shaped belly which encourages a gliding motion, while the "C" tail displaces a unique vibration that is bound to draw a fishes attention.

The tail is triangle shaped just like a real lizard, and is available ringed or solid.  Choose from the options above.  Both have great action.  The pictures displayed are the ring tail.    We will add a picture of both together soon.

The mold easily facilitates laminate colors either by hand pour then injection, or using a pure injection method.  It's also very simple to inject a primary color for the tail, then remove the body only and re-inject to get a vibrant natural looking lizard.  The eyes stick out from the head like a real lizard and readily accommodate stick on eyes.

As a side note.  While testing we experimented with the tail only as a 4" drop-shot worm and were amazed at the action it had as well.  If you purchase this mold and like to drop-shot, you definitely need to give the tail a try!
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