Mad Dad 5 XC Open Pour
Mad Dad 5 XC Open Pour

Mad Dad 5 XC Open Pour

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Model #: Hand Pour

Very easy to pour, the Mad Dad Craw is an "action" craw. It provides a realistic profile when pitching, however, the claws flap like crazy on retrieve. If you're a fan of active claws, you will love the action this bait provides.

The MD5 XC (Extra Claw) was specifically designed to create extra disruption without increasing the profile of the bait.  We created a body similar in size to a 4" craw, but over sized the claws making the profile 4", while the actual bait and disruption causes is 5".

Using an open pour is a great way to do custom work, finish off that last little bit of plastic left in your cup, test new colors, or introduce someone new to pouring their own baits.

You can see a picture of the different sizes here: Mad Dad Sizes
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