Softbait Startup Kit
Softbait Startup Kit

Softbait Startup Kit

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1 Gallon Plastisol
Colorant - 5.5 fl oz bottle #1
Colorant - 5.5 fl oz bottle #2
Colorant - 5.5 fl oz bottle #3
Colorant - 5.5 fl oz bottle #4
Glitter - 2 oz bottle #1
Glitter - 2 oz bottle #2
Glitter - 2 oz bottle #3
Glitter - 2 oz bottle #4
Included in kit stabilizer:
5.5oz Heat Stabilizer - 91387
Included in kit worm oil:
5.5oz Worm Oil - 91392
Included in kit softener:
5.5oz Softener - 91390
Included in kit injector:
4oz Injector w/ Extra Nozzle - 91345
Included in kit bags:
(25) 7X4 Laminated Bags - 91012
Included in kit gloves
Nitrile Gloves - 91348
Included extra
Medium Injector Nozzle - 91346

This kit includes the most frequently requested supplies for someone just getting started. You can basically select this kit, and then purchase whatever molds you want. The only essential items not in the kit are your molds, heat source / Pyrex cup or pan, 2 Irwin bar clamps and an infrared thermometer (these items can easily be purchased locally).

The kit includes:
1 Gallon of Crystal Clear Plastisol - your choice of soft, regular, hard
4 Bottles X2 Colorant - your choice of colors
4 2 oz jars of glitter - your choice of size and color

5.5 fl oz Heat Stabilizer
5.5 fl oz Worm Oil
5.5 fl oz Softener
1 Medium Injector with extra nozzle
25 7x4 Bait Bags
1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves

This is a very fun hobby, but you need to be safe as well. Do your homework first, wear proper safety clothes, equipment and ventilation, don't learn the hard way with 350 degree plastic.

There are several very good sites you can research different techniques, safety, and get support from others who have been doing this for a long time. Start with our Forum, no question is a dumb question. If you're not sure just pick up the phone and call us. That's why we list our phone number on the site.

Remember, this is really fun and extremely satisfying, but be safe and always use 2 clamps!

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