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6 Inch Finesse Crawler

by Steve Miller

Do-it has a wide variety of worm molds and they all have a time and place for every fish. There are times when the fish want a real slow presentation. One of my favorite baits for this set up is the 6 inch finesse crawler in the essential series. This soft plastic mold has five cavities that allow you to make up a bunch quick.

The finesse crawler has the perfect shape and detail that I am looking for in a soft plastic worm mold. Look closer and you can see what makes this bait very unique. The front half is round down to the tail section where it has a flat side that has great action with just the slightest movement of the rod. This is the perfect bait for cold fronts or pressured fish.


My go to colors are pumpkin seed with black high heat hexglitter. I am a big fan of a chartreuse tail and have good luck with the green pearl hyper Hi-lites, also the chartreuse super glow powder. Some of my other good combinations are fluorescent blue with a white pearl tail section with some UV blast powder.

Now these are just some of my favorites but I’m sure your wheels are already turning with some hot colors. This bait is very versatile too, sometimes I trim it down when the fish are fussy and get more bites that way. Most of the time that action alone drives them crazy. 

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